Hello again everyone,


          With the Fall League coming to an end and only three games left, we (Mesa Solar Sox) are out of first place by 4.5 games, and officially eliminated from the championship game. We have played really good baseball throughout the fall, but we just cant catch the Scottsdale Scorpions.  They are a quality club and you have to tip your cap.  We definitely had our chances to win some close ballgames, but we just couldn’t get that clutch hit or clutch out at the right time.

          With only one or two more outings left, I want to try to finish on a good note. Since moving to the bullpen after my first start start, which didn’t go so well, I have turned things around.  I really would like my last couple of outings to go well so that I can take what I have learned here and apply it in Spring Training in hopes of making the AA or AAA teams out of the chute.

          On another note, this past weekend I was able to attend the NASCAR race at the Phoenix International Raceway, and it was AWESOME!!!! It was amazing how many people it took to care for a huge team where the superstar is just one person, the driver. We got to the the track at about 10:00am for a 1:00pm race because we were able to get pit passes. We walked all over pit row looking at the cars, the garages and the team trailors. These trailors weren’t just regular trailors either, they were ENORMOUS. The pits, where the cars stop during the race to get gas and repairs, were pretty amazing. Each pit had double or triple of everything you could think of!  From lugnut drills to rolls of tape they use to fix small scrapes and small dings in the cars. After walking the pits for a few hours before the race, we finally made it to our seats and man were they good!  We were up just high enough to see the whole track and still feel the power of the cars as they raced by us. Even though Carl Edwards won the race (and not my boy Jimmie Johnson) we had a really good time. I’m looking forward to going again, but next time I hope it’s in TEXAS!!!!

          Another thing I did this past week was play golf…a few times. For the people that like to play golf, we have it pretty nice here in Arizona. I mean the courses here are just beautiful. Of course, the rates here get really expensive when the weather starts to cool off in the fall and into spring, but sometimes we’re able to catch a break or two on reduced green fees if we happen to go out at the right time.  With all of the amazing courses out here, it is hard to pick my absolute favorite, so here are my top 5: TPC Scottsdale, Talking Stick (Troon course), Whirlwind (Troon course), The Legacy, and The Raven. Please feel free and let me know your favorite courses on my comments so that I can try them out next Spring Training. I love playing new courses no matter how hard or easy they might be.

          Thank you for stopping by, and dont forget to leave me any comments or questions on anything you want to know. I will try to get to them as quickly as possible.


                                                             Thanks again,


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