How I got here

 Hi everyone,
          My name is Ryan Brasier, and I’m a right-handed pitcher in the Los Angeles Angels organization.  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be staying in Mesa, Arizona representing the Mesa Solar Sox of the Arizona Fall League, and I’m here to share my AFL experiences with you. So please, feel free to check in every week and ask me questions about anything you might wanna know regarding the Fall League or myself. I’m here so you guys can get a feel on how the Fall League is treating me or which beautiful Arizona golf course I’ll be playing on our Sunday off days. By the way, if you have any good suggestions on golf courses let me know, because I’m always ready for a new challenge. So here we go.
          So, to start, I’m from Wichita Falls, Tx, where I was born and raised. After high school I attended Weatherford College where the Los Angeles Angels drafted me in the 6th round as a right handed pitcher in the 2007 draft. In my first season with the Orem Owls I was fortunate enough to win a Pioneer League championship with an awesome group of guys. I have been lucky enough to move up a level every year, and after i spent the 2009 season with the High-A Rancho Cucamonga Quakes, I was promoted once again the following year. I spent this whole season with the Double-A Arkansas Travelers. I was a starting pitcher all year long, and being able to have that same role in the prestigious AFL  is just awesome! From what I hear, the AFL is a very tough league made up of some of the minor leagues best players, and I look forward to facing the tough competition.
          For now, thats all I have. I’ll be back next week with a update on how the team is doing, and hopefully will have a few interesting stories regarding the first week of games.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Jake

    Hey Ryan, looking forward to see you guys play. Being a golfer myself, a course I like to play is Longbow Golf Club in Mesa. It’s a desert style course with nice scenery and no houses, my favorite part haha. Good luck this season, looking forward to reading your updates!



    Good luck in the AFL, you are going to have a blast. We had a “host” son in the AFL in ’06, Ryan Cameron in the Phils organization and we’ve been back every year since. Hope you make the Rising Star game as that’ll be our first game on this year’s trip (we live in Denver). I am originally from Graham, TX, just down the road from WF, did you go to WFHS or Hirschi? I’m a golfer, too and if there is one course you have to play, it’s Quintero in far northwest Peoria. Cheapest I found it was $130 on, but it is the most spectacular course ever. With your baseball “connections”, you may be able to get comped or discounted. Anyway, it’s well worth the drive. I’ll look you up during our trip. Again, good luck, stay healthy and work hard. Danny & Nettie Wood

  3. robbdouth

    Not sure what you’re looking for when it comes to golfing, but my friends and I like to hit up viewpoint for a cheap round of easy golf (they also have an exec 9 that’s free if you want some bonus golf.) If you’re looking for championship style golf you can’t go wrong with either of the TPC’s in North Scottsdale and I personally love Sanctuary in North Scottsdale, and it’s not too pricey. I recommend because it breaks the valley into 6 zones NE, NW, NC and SE, SW, SC. If you’re looking to stay close to home, hit up the southeast, but the best courses (and most expensive) tend to be NE. Best of luck. I live a stone’s throw from the Mesa stadium, so me and my buddy will be walking over to the games and rooting for good baseball.

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